Monday, June 07, 2010

Leon's Triathlon Returns

After fifteen years away Leon Wolek brought his Triathlon back to Hammond Indiana's Wolf Lake Park. On Sunday I was fortunate to be able to take photos of the athletes competing in Leon's "World's Fastest"Triathlon. More after the jump...

I have posted all my photos from the event in the galleries, click HERE.
I know Leon and it is clear that he cares quite a bit for this race and even more for the competitors. I watched as Leon stood at the finish line and personally thanked and congratulated every one who crossed the finish line. There were a few guys who I believe were Patriot Guard Riders volunteering.
One of these guys named Mike offered to take me on the course on the back of his bike to take pics. I jumped at that! Thanks Mike! I believe it was Dave (?) who loaned me his spare helmet for the ride. Please, if I got his name wrong let me know and I'll correct it. So cool of these guys to do that.
It was interesting to see all the people of different stripes competing. From folks that were professional athletes to people who looked...well, as my buddy Gordon put it "midwestern". I saw a young man who I believe was fourteen years old and a man who was seventy-two.
 Before you say anything, this guy is 72! He won for oldest male competitor, and won a kick ass door prize. 

I believe the oldest woman was sixty-one. It takes a lot of determination to compete in an event like this. Thanks to all involved for the great opportunity. I look forward to more interesting challenges and working with these folks in the future.
Remember that movie Tron?

Some expensive rolling stock

Overall race winner

Competitors exiting Hammond Indiana's almost corpse-free Wolf Lake

Blogger was not working for most of yesterday, and a good portion of today. Thanks for your patience if you had been looking for Triathlon stuff and just got zombies. 


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Nice work. Looks like you had real good weather for it. Glad to see Leon had a successful event, as well.

Surly said...

Thanks. The weather was ideal for the race.