Friday, June 04, 2010

A little more zombie action

Makeup pre-shoot
I posted all the zombie photos in the galleries for those of you who are interested. All in all, I think they look pretty good. The film maker seemed happy and we may be working together again in the future. Hit the jump.

 Hot thespian action
This is an independent film by a local guy named Cameron Scott. The process is an interesting one, making movies. A whole lot of hurry up and wait. There were some very cool people there, including these actors above Jessica Cameron and Larry Laverty
Zombies get bored when they are not trying to eat you.
Many of the zombies and special FX folks were locals. Like all photo shoots I learned a little something about my craft. I'm sort of just rambling here. I haven't had much sleep this week so I'll let the pictures do the talking.
I love the look on Shannon's face, here.

Larry looking ....meniacal

Better get those ropes loose
I think that's Sam top center. He makes for a great looking zombie. Scary.

Jason, Carol? and Keith at the craft services table

I got a little carried away with the contrast slider. 
I like it. This is my Twitter background by the way. If anyone knows how to contact this particular zombie let me know. Send me an email or contact me on Facebook.  Update: Nevermind, I found her.

So to wrap up - shooting pics on the set of Cameron Scott's Post Mortem America 2021 was a blast and I met some cool people. I got some great shots and I can't wait to see more zombies. Thanks.

BTW, these are low res versions of the pics. I would love it if you went over to the galleries and took a look at the high res, harder to steal versions. I would really like it if you bought a few. Thanks for your support.

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