Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Chief and his Superbike PT. 2

The Old Man commented: "In my defense, the bike was supposed to end up with a two-tone paint job. The darker color panels never got sprayed. The colors were from a Lincoln Continental two-tone paint job. They looked good on the Lincoln. We'll never know how they would have looked on the sidecar rig but it definitely won't be pink again. Looks like it will have to be something that goes well with the gold wheels."

I have no idea why the text above is highlighted. I can't fix it. 
No defense necessary. I called it the pink bike because it was pink. So we've ruled that out for the paint scheme. Moving right along with the formula. Brakes. It needs them, lots of them. Two in front, one out back. Looks like we're two-thirds of the way there. 

You can find all the info on this bike at BIKEEXIF. Click for link.
Holy crap that's a nice example right there. Those wheels are some kind of super exotic whatever...who cares. Picture it with gold Campy's. Yeah, I've kind of beat that horse to death. This gives us a nice example for following the formula, however. Brakes - check. With the stock forks they don't look too modern, nicely done. Four-into-one upswept pipe painted black - check. BIG braced swing arm - check. The Old Man's bike has a steel box section swing arm that he built. Certainly an upgrade to the stocker and I know he's made plenty like the one above. I had one on my RD350 that he built. My opinion - rework the swingarm a bit. Let's look at some more examples, shall we?

#34 and a Suzuki...must be Wes Cooley

Hmmm....steel box section swing arm with a lower brace. We can also get a nice view of the modified engine cover for more ground clearance. No question, gotta have those. The tuner built ones are cool and racy but boy do the ones from Moriwaki look sexy.

This one's a little later but still adheres to the formula. Outta time, gotta go. More comin. 

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