Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Chief and his Superbike PT. 3

Let's see, where were we? Ah, yes...the formula. So far we've got wheels, brakes, swing arm. Bodywork. Stock tank, ducktail where applicable. Sidecovers...lots of variation here. Stock, none, custom fabbed aluminum. As I said earlier, we've got that covered. The seat. Stock style seat cut down in the front.
Beautiful Honda. All bases covered. Photo from here. 

Handlebar. Why do you think they call them superbike bars? Not a lot of explanation needed here. They all need a superbike bar. While we're talking Hondas...
 Oh baby. Lot's of groovy bits here. This is a CB400F that's been given the treatment. No gold wheels but some gold covers on the engine. Looks like a high-cap oil sump. Nice. Mikuni CR carbs. Ver cool but not necessarily crucial on a streetbike. That's arguable, however. Custom aluminum motor mounts. I can make those for you. Rearsets. Yeah, you've got to have some kind of  rearsets. The Old Man's bike has those. They might need to be tidied up a bit, but we're in the ball park.
Here's a little more food for thought.

Gotta go. 

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