Friday, March 15, 2013

Time change and the spring thaw

Here in the land of "Wait, what time are you on?" we have daylight saving time. I'm not sure what my opinion  of it is exactly. In Indiana it's pretty controversial. If you are driving through Indiana always give yourself two hours to figure out what the hell time it is. What all this means to me is it's the signal of the beginning of riding season. I didn't even really think about it until I woke up this morning and the Wife asked me what time it was. *Editors note, I started writing this on Sunday. After the fog cleared and I realized what she meant, I saw the melting snow and it hit me. I should be riding again soon! That's way better than worrying about my truck that stopped running (again) last night. Anybody want to buy a truck? I digress.

Speaking of buying vehicles. I've been strongly considering the purchase of another bike. Not sure if it can be done this year but I think the new V-Strom 650 Adventure is right up my alley. It has all the add-ons that I've been wanting on my S-wee, plus more upright and more comfy on longer rides. The last one is a biggie. The 650 seems a bit small on the highway sometimes. Not really in terms of power just that it gets blown around by the trucks and such. The 1000 is only another grand in terms of list price but for most of my riding it's not necessary. Not sure what the difference in mileage would be. I love the SV650S but man is that thing brutal on long rides. I don't know if it's me or the bike but I just can't get comfy after an hour in the saddle.
Riding long stretches...that's a paddlin. 

The windshield and bags are rapidly working their way up my must haves list. I guess I'm getting old.


red said...

On our way to Michigan last summer, we stopped at the Westfiled Yamaha dealership to get a key made. I was drooling over the new Wee Adv model and I almost traded the Yamaha in towards one.

They seem to be a damn nice bike with some good features. I rode my friends DL1000, it's a fun one too.

FYI: Falcone BMW/Triumph has 2007 DL650 for $5k. I can scout it out if you'd like.

Surly said...

I haven't seen one in person yet. Nor have I ridden one. I have long legs so it'll probably not be an issue but I'd like to get on one before buying. Of course, there's the VFR...

red said...

I'm long legged myself and I found it to be pretty comfy.

Check this out: