Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I've been whining about a new scoot for a while now. There are many factors involved here and of course money is always a big one. I've always owned smaller displacement bikes but I can certainly see having something a little bigger. Like I've said my bike is fantastic as long as you don't want to be on it for more than an hour. Then the honeymoon is over. There's a local dealership that's had a VFR800 for quite some time and it really looks like it would be up my alley. I know I've been eyeing the V-strom and I still may go that route but quite honestly any of the off road capability that might have will never get used by me. I have a friend who lives on a dirt road. If I went to his house, I'd use it. Other than that it would just be nice to have a taller bike to see over cars in traffic. Hard bags, a taller windscreen, and long(ish) distance comfort is what I'm looking for.
Well, I got a line on a VFR 800 this morning. Who knows how it will pan out and it might take some jewelry or something to talk the wife into it. But after seeing some sport tourers that friends have I can see me in the saddle of one of these. An ST1300 is just too big a motorcycle for me. The FJ's are sweet. I really love the idea of hard bags that I can stick a key in and walk away with them. Makes the commute simple. I can grab groceries on the way home. Who needs a car? Of course, they are complicated and I don't want to have to fix shit. Projects I got. What about the adventure bike? Yeah, maybe one of each. 


Gymi Kroeter said...

Having my Viffer for close to a year now, I can honestly say it is one of the best bike I have ever owned. I had my reservations before the purchase being a liter bike rider for most of my adult life. I worried the VFR wouldn't have the extra steam that the 1000 and above bikes afford. First ride put those fears to rest. This bike has more than enough power and the right gearing to cruise at 85mph all day long. And it dose this without feeling like a cruise ship. My number is still the same, give me a call and I'll fill you in on the rest.

Surly said...

The thing that scares me is the price is quite low. There's a lot going on in the engine of a 6th gen VFR and I don't want a lemon. Of course, it could just be a guy who needs some quick cash. I'm up to my ears right now but I'll try to give you a call if I can. It'll be nice to chat again anyhow. Thanks!

red said...

A coworker has a VFR and loves it.