Monday, May 13, 2013

A few issues with the Viffer

I rode the Viffer to work yesterday. Now, I know I need a chain and I'm getting the distinct feeling that the PO was not all that interested in maintenance. The single sided swingarm requires a special tool to adjust the chain. He didn't have the tool. Huh? 10K mi. and you never adjusted the chain? Owners manual? Nope. O.K., so the manual is on it's way from Honda and I'm looking into building the tool.
From VFR discussion board
I heard a funky noise last night on the way home and I'm thinking it's the chain. Not sure. It's parked until I can figure it out. I did a little searching on the forums and I'm not the only one who's heard it. This is no big surprise, I knew it needed a chain when I bought it. I didn't know I needed one of these:

 That goofy looking spanner in the lower right is the mystery tool. I'm told it's the only thing in the tool kit that's worth a piss anyway. Of course, by 2006 Honda wasn't interested in including toolkits in all bikes sold. I hear some had em, some didn't. For a reasonable fee they'd sell you one. There's also a shock tool that's missing from the picture but I've got a preload spanner that'll fit already.
The clutch is also acting weird. It's got a bit of a light switch quality to it. Nothing, nothing, nothing, ENGAGE. It's my first time with a hydraulic clutch. I adjusted the lever but I'm sure it needs to have the fluid changed. Evidently the slave cylinder's proximity to the chain will cause chain lube to get past the seal and contaminate the fluid.

So, I've got that going for me. No worries, I'm just buried right now. Work, kids, everything I own needs work. I ordered a chain and sprockets, the new chain tool is being laser cut, I'm about halfway through upgrading my horn. I'll keep ya'll posted. Maybe.


red said...

If you want to hand some weekend, let me know.

Gymi Kroeter said...

Mine came with the chain tool. Change the fluid and the clutch will go back to normal. Looks like you need to swap the fluids in all areas like I did. My coolant and oil turned out to be ok, but all the hydraulic fluids were crap.

Surly said...

Red - gracious offer, thanks! I'm gonna have to take you up on that some time.

Gymi - Yeah, I don't think it's a plates and springs issue. The clutch fluid (hyd) is next on the list after the chain.