Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grime patrol

I have the chain and sprockets for the VFR and I realized I needed a proper chain tool. The old one is an endless chain and that's what I got to replace it. I had a breaker but no way to rivet a new link. I checked the two people I thought might have one and since they didn't...I'm the new owner of a Motion Pro PBR. The DID chain packaging recommended their tool. Looks like a nice tool. It's crazy expensive however. I almost shit. 150 to 200 bucks for this guy. Anyway, I bought the Motion Pro tool. I used bolt cutters to remove the old chain so I can't say how it works for pressing pins out. I'll let you know about the other functions.
I spent two hours just cleaning. This bike is a hot mess. It's cleaning up nice though. The rear bearing assembly has some scary sideplay so I need to look into that. It does rotate nicely. I had read about some freezing up. I may just have to pull it all apart just to inspect things for my own peace of mind.

I took Friday off so with the four day weekend I should be able to make some real progress. I'm eager to get her back on the road but not at the expense of tearing shit up. This thing ain't a hammer. More like a sewing machine. I need to treat it as such.


red said...

I'm scared to clean the Buell. The dirt might be holding it all together like nature's Loctite.

Surly said...

I know what you mean but with the VFR it's so tight that even the dirt can take up needed clearances. There is no extra space on this bike that was not designed to be extra space. 4 cylinders, two radiators, catalytic converter, two mufflers... It also hides damage and creates wear.

red said...

Like a sewing machine and an old tractor. Have to attack each with a different way of thinking. =]