Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Chief and his Superbike Pt. 5

I was looking at pics of VFR's which led to me looking at VF750R's which led to pics of RC30's. In the process I was reminded of some more of my childhood heroes. You see, if you're looking at pics of Freddie Spencer that's going to lead to pics of Eddie Lawson. I believe I've made it no secret that Eddie is my favorite motorcycle racer. I've met both of those cats and they could not have been nicer. Freddie was not racing at the time, he was a team owner. Anyway, I love both of those guys but I thought it was cool that the pics I ran across Eddie was out front with Freddie hot on the trail. I suppose pics could be found the other way around but it's my fantasy so why ruin it? While perusing these photos I collected some more pics to share that will be perfect for reference on the Old Man's Kawi project. All photos are property of their respective owners. If any need to be removed, let me know.

That's close racin'
More Superbikes adhering to the formula:

Nuther Wes Cooley Suzuki

I've neglected Graeme Crosby thus far. My apologies.

Mike Baldwin on a Honda. What a beautiful machine. 
Yet another Moriwaki prepared machine. Piloted by John Woo.
Dave...of course. Nice ram air thingy. 


red said...

Those skeleton Bates leathers are sweet.

Surly said...

The bones leathers were Dave Aldana's trademark. If you see anybody else wearing that shit...they are ripping off Dave. I have a Vanson hoodie with the bones. Sounds like I need to do a Dave Aldana post!

red said...

I admit, I'm very ignorant on racers both past and present.