Monday, June 10, 2013

Vintage Days

I received the new AMA magazine in the mail on Saturday. Just flipping through I saw the info page for the upcoming 2013 Vintage Days. "Oh, cool" I thought. I was wondering what was the date, featured marque, etc... Lower left corner of pg. 48 (street version) there is a random shot of folks in the swap meet. Three people in the foreground carrying their new treasures. So I thinks to myself, "I wonder if I wound up in any of those shots?" Sure as shit, I'm in the picture. I rode down with three other guys and three of us are in the pic. I'm the one looking to the right in the too-big black and white jacket. I can't find the picture to post it at the moment. It occurs to me that I had several more posts planned for last years Vintage Days. Ooops. I should get around to that. It's not like I'm busy or anything. Not so busy that we had a birthday party for a five year old a month late and on the same day we were having the house re-roofed. It's not like having little kids running around the yard that might have some nails in it and sweaty guys throwing stuff down off the roof is a bad idea. Sure, some poor planning was involved but you get the idea. Anyway...Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio is cool.

 I've got the Viffer just about road-worthy again and I'm looking forward to going to Vintage Days again this year. I'm hoping I can meet up with Gymi again perhaps. Oh, and if you're reading this I got your email. Thanks.

Rock on.

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Gymi Kroeter said...

See you there, I sent Red a copy too.