Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sportster progress

O.K., no real progress to speak of but I have a plan. I want to get this baby road-worthy without spending too much coin. I'm already near the dog house. No need to be actually in there. While doing image searches for Sportsters, I ran across this:

I can't remember where the picture came from sadly. I'd love to credit the owner and see a few more angles. It's got a stock look with some nice custom touches. Let's see what mine would look like with a similar treatment, shall we?

Hmmm.....not bad. Need to lose those bars and the foam and chrome grip/footpeg combo. Not my cup o' tea. I don't have a stock tail light but they can be had. I had that Lucas copy in the garage and it works but I'm thinking the stocker is the way to go. The point is, this is the way I'm headed and right now I don't have to buy anything. Scratch that. I need shocks. These are both frozen and the one on the opposite side is conveniently frozen about an inch shorter than this one. I'll need to go back to the fat bob tanks to get it running as it's the only one that appears to be able to hold fuel without adding debris to it. The one on the bike in the picture is bent pretty bad on the other side and very rusty. But hey, one out of four aint bad.

This one's for Red. Just cause it's cool. Love those pipes. 


Lucky said...

That cafe racer is making me feel pretty patriotic...

Eager to see how your Sporty is going to turn out.

red said...

Man that is pretty sharp!

Thanks for sharing.