Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Sexy 69' Sportster: Too Much!

I think it's clear where this pic came from. 
We went and picked up the Sporty on Sunday. I'm more excited about it now than I was before hand. Not sure why. This thing is pretty cool. I found some ad's in my own stash of Hot Rod magazines from the 60's and H-D claimed the 69' Sportster was the fastest motorcycle made. Fuzzy math perhaps, but a cool little tidbit. I actually like the configuration above. It may or may not have something to do with the lovely blond but I was actually referring to the gold paint.

So this is what it looked like when I got it home. I'm going out on a limb and saying that each Harley owner has his or her own vision of their bike should look like. The previous owner had another frame he was in the process of raking, a 4" over springer, the fat tank you see above, etc... That's fine. But it's my bike now and I personally think this stuff doesn't really fit well. Mechanically it doesn't fit. It's deceiving, but this bike is pretty small. Someone five foot tall would have no problem fitting this bike with the configuration above.

As soon as I got her home, I did this. Nothing set in stone, I just wanted to play. It's only mocked up as I don't have all the fasteners and what-have-you. At least it's easier to push around now. With the flat air shocks the rear tire was rubbing the fender and it was a chore to move around. It's also about two and a half inches taller now. Of course, tall isn't necessarily the goal but I'm just about six feet tall and I want to be able to actually ride the thing. I received the other tank last night and another key part my dad happened to have. I was thinking bolt on hardtail initially. Unfortunately, to make them look nice you need to do a little cutting of the frame. This 69' frame is pretty much unmolested so I don't think I want to cut it up. Or chop it, if you will.
The good news is I have options. Now to see if I can make it run. I'll need a tank with actual fuel in it, two matching shocks, and perhaps some bars. O.K. fine, I can get by with these bars for now.


tvi said...

Hey Surly, i have another sporty tank,if you need one.I also might have some drag pipes .let me know..

Talk to you soon, tvi

red said...

*cough* sportster cafe racer *cough*

Lots of potential there. When you get it running, post some video if you can.

Surly said...

TVI - I might take you up on that. The regular Sporty tank I have is pretty rough.

Red - I like the Cafe idea but it's my go to on every bike I've ever owned. Gonna stray a little on this one.

Gymi Kroeter said...

That right side shifter takes some getting used too. A buddy of mine had a Sporty of the same vintage and every time I rode it, it gave me a head ache.

Surly said...

I've been around the Euro stuff all my life so the musical chairs with the switch gear doesn't freak me out. As long as you don't get in a panic and start shifting gears when you think you're braking.

Lucky said...

You know, if you've cafe'd every biked you've owned, maybe there's a reason. ;)

Sweet bike, have fun with it!

I've been kicking around maybe getting a sporty for my next bike. Not sure yet.