Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I stole this photo...

Well, I'm reblogging this photo. Fair use and all that. I was really feeling the stress here at work and decided to go over to Sideburn and look at flat-trackers. Always a good idea. Seriously, this photo shows everything I like about motorcycles. Feet up, backing it in. My goodness that is some seriously cool shit. I could never do that without high-siding but I like to fantasize about it. I should become a flat track photographer. If I don't get my head taken off by a crash it would be the coolest job ever. Well, maybe the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue photographer would be cooler but it doesn't happen every weekend.

This is Bryan Smith at The Indy Mile from last weekend. I missed the MotoGP weekend again but this event happens on Sat. night before the big road race. One of my favorite things about going to roadraces is the flat track event that usually happens at a track local to the road course. I could go on and on about that but suffice to say, if you go to Mid-Ohio or Road America or the like to a road race ask around ahead of time and find out where (or if) the flat track race will be. Prepare to have fun and get dusty. If you are lucky like me you'll get to see King Kenny ride a TZ750 around the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Somewhere I have a video of that that I took. I'll find it.


Gymi Kroeter said...

Right there with ya, I would be sticking out of the hay bales like a dart at a pub. But I like to think I could do it too.

Lucky said...

Excellent. God, that looks fun.

Between you and me, I suspect taking photos of the motorcycles would be way more fun than shooting for the swimsuit issue. Less drama. More motorcycles. ;)