Thursday, October 03, 2013

More Sporty Love

A couple blogs I check out on a regular basis are Special 79 and The Zon. I've mentioned and reblogged stuff from the ZON from time to time. Not sure I've ever mentioned SPL79 before. The guy over there is a weldor/fabricator of the HD custom motorcycle variety. He's super talented. I was kinda sorta following his build of an ironhead Sporty. While on The Zon the other day I spotted an ironhead that had some really nice details.

Left side shift conversion is nice. Look over this thing...the quality of work is fantastic. Aesthetically it's not 100% in my wheelhouse but that's why there's all kinds. After looking at it for a minute I realized that it was the bike that was being built over at Special 79. I apologize for not knowing the cat's name that built this bike. Take a minute to go over and look at some of the things he does. I love the pipes.

The Sportster has had to take a backseat to many other family obligations and honey-doos but I have been thinking of ideas. I'm still leaning toward mostly stock but I think it'll need some custom touches. Pipes are one, paint is another.
The current post at The Zon is covering a Detroit event that the blogger organized. Some very cool scoot shots there as well. Take a look. I'm really digging what's going on with this Shovel.

I don't want to go full custom on my Sportster but a few details like you see here would be bitchin. I really like the pipes. Peanut tanks just need a rib, too.

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