Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pipes continued

In the last post I eluded to a post on the XL forum about a guy who built some pipes with a x-over and he actually had dyno results to back up his findings. My old man left a comment about building some pipes that would mimic the stockers. I think basically what is shown above is what the Chief is talking about. I'm not totally against it but if we're making pipes...let's give this baby some curves. I could make the above with stuff I already have without much pain and suffering and they would fit. But...

Doesn't something like this just give you the warm fuzzy feeling that custom exhaust should? Maybe I'm overthinking it. Well, of course I am. It's what I do. In fact I do it for a living. Oh, and don't look to close Pop. You could do a little better on the transitions. 

1 comment:

Gymi said...

Those pipes definitely fill me with the warm fuzzies, I say go for it.