Friday, January 31, 2014

Now that's what I'm talking about

So there's a lot to say about this picture but I'm not going to say it. More art than motorcycle but the point I'd like to make is look at those pipes. Swoopy, sexy. Have the two pipes collect right under the footpeg or thereabouts. Then kick the exit up some and put a muffler on it. Not sure what type just yet.
Compare to this...
Angular, utilitarian, pragmatic. Nothing wrong with those adjectives unless you're talking aesthetics. Well maybe Bauhaus aesthetics but I'm not. Clearly there's an issue with clutch adjuster clearance but I'm homing in on the look.

1 comment:

tvi said...

Love the first set, just have your dad make up some baffles before the sweep out, they'd be cool! KIRK