Monday, February 03, 2014

I found a really good example

But the site is NSFW so I have to find the image at home and I'll post it. The picture does exactly what I described in the last post. Well, mostly.

From Here
EDIT: Now we're getting somewhere. Not perfect but more like what I'm going for. I think the collector transition could be better but the front pipe is nice and swoopy. Not sure about the cocktail shaker muffler. Maybe...maybe not. The proportions are a little off.


red said...

To me, the shaker does go well with the rest of the bike. It reminds me too much of the factory exhaust on my CL450.

Surly said...

It's not that I'm anti cocktail shaker. I think the proportions of that one look odd. The end is a bit long for it. I guess I am being a bit nit-picky.

red said...

Argh..typo. "the shaker doesn't go well with the rest of the bike"

red said...

FYI, the plastic body parts on Buell Blasts are made from "Surlyn".