Thursday, May 15, 2014

If I was spread any thinner, you could see through me.

I've got a lot going on of late and sadly, the motorcycles have to take a back seat. How's that for mixing metaphors? Between work, the cars, the house, some minor health stuff, helping out friends, and the start of the "Hey, don't forget we have 12 parties to go to on Saturday" season, I'm kind of busy. So here's a funny story about a motorcycle. My buddy Joe is recovering (well, thankfully) from cancer treatment. He must be doing well because he bought another bike. So I go over to visit and he asks me to help him take one bike off his stand and put another up. No problem. Small British bike comes down easy. Medium Bavarian bike goes up, also easy. The side stand comes out and is off the edge of the stand. O.K., lets put it on the center stand. I crawl up on the bike platform that is not very wide. I then realize the ceiling in his garage is pretty low. I'm balancing on my toes trying not to drop Joe's new 78' R100s. BANG - I whack my head into his fluorescent light fixture, one end comes off the chain and it comes swinging down and smashes one of the bulbs into the Beemer's tank. I put the stand down, give her a tug and up she goes on the center stand. Whew, that was a little scary.  Glass everywhere, tank is scratched, heart pounding... I didn't drop the bike and the paint wasn't all that great so he wasn't upset in the least. Neither one of us got cut, miraculously. It's funny in hindsight. Be careful loading bikes on and off your bike stand. Perhaps a helmet is necessary in some cases.

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