Thursday, May 29, 2014

A mid-life crisis is much easier to deal with in a cool car.

Everything I own is broken or about to break. My 96' Outback has been leaking well, since I bought it 9 years ago. I love that car but I've been increasingly concerned lately about the distinct possibility of it catching fire. I spent about an hour cleaning oil off the bottom of the car the other day and realized it's time to find something else. So I did. Legacy GT Wagon. Grocery getter with a turbocharger. This car might be just a little too much fun for me. A mid-life crisis is much easier to deal with in a cool car. Well, cool to me. Some folks aren't too hip on wagons. I dig em. Especially ones with turbochargers.  I now own three Subarus with a combined mileage of over 411,000 miles. He he. My Dad, as always, helped me out by driving me down to Indy to get her. Thanks, Chief.
The AC unit in my house quit two years ago, the furnace is on it's way out, the well pump is about a minute away from failure, and my oven died two days ago. I could use the BBQ grill but a storm blew it over and broke the hinges off the lid. Maybe I should write a country song. It's a good thing I don't have a dog.
The Viffer is also acting a bit odd. I think it's just age related stuff. Hesitant to start but then when it does runs pretty good. Maybe a fuel pressure regulator? I love that bike and it needs to get the TLC it deserves. I've ridden it a half dozen times this year to work and that's just not enough. It needs a good going through, some fluids, some new boots, and a good wash. Man, that thing still smells like cigarette smoke. The PO used his garage as the dedicated smoking lounge and when I pull the cover off the bike it smells like a bar. I'm not known for washing my vehicles all that much but I've washed the bike. I need to pull the fairings and go over all of it. In a perfect world, I'd pull all the bodywork and have it painted like an RC30.
I've had a lot of compliments on the white paint. Thank you. I don't like it. It could be worse but I think the pearl white kind of takes the oomph out of the overall look. I guess that's why Honda sells bikes in different colors. I don't think it would be all that tough to add the red, silver, and blues to mine but...
HVAC, stove, well pump, you get the idea. Maybe I should toss it in the back of the new (2005) Subaru and scoot on up to visit Gymi and have him spray it for me this winter. Maybe on the way to Sno-Drift in Atlanta?  I'm guessing Gymi's got about as much free time as me these days.

 I need a time machine and a bushel basket of $100 bills.

All in all, things are good. I've been working tons of overtime so I have the cash to fix most of the stuff. I've got a great family and I'm in good health. All the broken stuff is just stuff. Except the VFR. That's about the only tangible object that helps keep me sane. Shit, maybe I can get my health insurance to pay for the maintenance as a therapy tool. Stranger things have happened.

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red said...

Sounds like we're in the same boat!

As you said, at least the important things, like health and family are in good shape.

For the smoke smell, try Clorox Clean-Up. It worked wonders on the free fridge we got this year that was covered in sticky smoke residue. Even the inside of the fridge smelled like an ashtray.