Thursday, December 17, 2015


I spent a fair amount of time this fall doing some work to my garage. Nothing ground breaking just finishing up some things that needed finishing. It's a mess and I have too much stuff. I made some real progress but far from done. The good news is I can actually walk around the Sportster. Clearly I don't blog much anymore but I do believe I'll be posting here and there to document the build. That's the plan anyway.

This is it the day I dragged it home. July 7, 2013

Which shortly thereafter turned into this. December 5, 2013

And now it looks pretty much like this. March 8, 2014

Wow, looking at the dates puts things in perspective. Three years goes by fast. In my head I know what I'm looking for here and I've collected some parts. We haven't given up on the BSA, by the way. The creative spark was a little...wet on that one. Don't worry, there's lots of bikes to work on. 


northernbliss said...

What year is it? From the gas tank colours and decal I would say from the 70s? We had a 250 Harley with those same colours!! Good Job!

Surly said...

It's a 1969 XLH. The blue tank is not original to the bike. If I remember correctly it's off about a year or two one way or the other. This tank was an available option and would have looked the same but the badge is different and it has no internal vent. I think the blue is original but the white looks like it was put on top. Thanks for the comment. Stay warm up there!