Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'll refrain from using a vulgar post title...this time.

The last time I was at my local junkyard, these crappy little scissor jacks were everywhere. Holding up cars, laying in the mud. I would guess they have to be darn near free. That local junkyard is now empty and shut down but there are others. I was checking out this picture over at El Corra Motors for the groovy bike details: rearsets, Brembos, etc… and I spied the creative use of the ubiquitous crappy scissor jack. If One had a supply of these and some scrap and a welder a pretty handy bike lift could be made. Modify to taste. On the cheap.
The one in the picture looks to be all stainless and perhaps store-bought. We’ll ignore that.

I love this idea.

One could probably get away with just using one depending on the size of the donor jack. This pic may be from Japan and they have a lot of very small cars so that may be why they have two. Roll it up on the stand, slide in the jack crank her up. I will probably be making one of these. 

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