Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Progress - seat

Until 1970 you could get a nice big solo saddle with springs inside the frame as an option. By all accounts it is the most comfortable saddle on a motorcycle ever. I'm sticking with my little Bates copy but using the factory spring setup. Well, my version of it. The post kits with the springs are over $200. Since I'm using a different seat, I have the ability to make most of the parts, and I'm cheap. 
XLH models had the coil mounted on this bracket. This a similar bracket held the seat posts in place. You can sort of see the bronze bushings I turned under it. Below the bushings are a bunch of die springs I borrowed from work to use until I figure out specifically what I need. 
I only got part of one post done but the seat position is right on. I can actually clear the carb with my knee now. The foot pegs need to do about an 8" retreat but that's appropriate for an XLR and I prefer my feet directly under my ass anyway. My fork brace came in today as well. 
It'll be a little work to mount it but I like the look and these forks are pretty spindly so they can use the added stiffening.

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