Monday, April 11, 2016

From Rocker to Mod?

I'm not sure if it was the best decision I've ever made but I brought home a scooter. It was a Harley-Davidson Topper in a former life. Someone drug it out of the woods and my dad and his student's turned it back into a functioning scooter. He said it was an entry into a welding contest. It leans more toward a farm store mini-bike than a Lambretta but you should have seen it fresh from the woods. Rough. I've ridden this little beast but it's been a few years. Odd handling if I remember correctly. I mentioned to Dad that I should get it out and give the kids a ride. He said he'd be happy to deliver it to my house. Which means - "Get that thing the hell out of here or it'll just turn back into a pile of rusty junk". I gave the rope a tug on Sunday but all I got was a sore arm. The gas is probably five years old and Sta-bil isn't magic so it'll need a carb clean, oil change, and a bath. It's covered in bird shit so it really needs a bath, the front tire is off the rim, and the seat is a bit short for riding two-up. I just drug it home because I thought the kids would dig it so I'll need to stretch the seat a bit. If I'm not mistaken it's made from an old tarp. I'm thinking that was the impetus for the color scheme.

If I had time to burn I'd probably put some bigger wheels and tires on it and maybe better brakes. Lights would be nice. Maybe a paint job and a fairing of some sort.  What's really going to happen is I'll put some grips on it and make the seat longer. Or shoehorn a CB500 seat on there or something.
This is what a restored Topper would look like. Pretty classy looking scooter in my opinion. I don't have the time to work on it. I don't really have the space to store it. I don't live on a farm and I cannot ride it on the street. Yeah, makes perfect sense. I won't be ditching my Gene Vincent records or leather jacket but I do like me some Specials and I did see The Who on their Quadrophenia tour back some years ago. I really don't think any self-respecting Mod would be seen on this little gem. At least in it's current state. It does have a certain quality, however. I find it fun to pick on but it's a cool little scooter. BELLBOYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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