Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ahhh...the internet

I took the carb off the scooter. Ugliness.

Tank is rusted, full of varnish. The carb is attached to the tank and it was not real obvious how removal was supposed to happen. I decided to do an internet search and came across this...

 Not only does it pretty much answer all my questions. It's pretty funny. At least the beginning is. Thanks Taryl. It's interesting to me that not only did I find what I needed pretty quick on the ol' interwebs, this guy's shop is local. My dad had one of his kids as a student.
Anyhow, I need to move the seat a bit as well. It's almost too far back for me to use and there's not enough room on the seat for a passenger.

I've got a spare headlight I might toss on there but I don't have a way to power it. I've got a half-assed plan for that but I just need to make it run and put the seat in a better location. Since the bars are from a Topper I have 1 1/8" dia. controls on both sides. I found some original style grips on eBay and I've got some passenger pegs coming as well. The weather's nice this week so hopefully I can get something done this weekend. I might repaint the whole thing at some point. Not a fan of brown but I can't be tearing this down to the hubs right now. Too much to do. I'm using the Cushman Trailster as a jumping off point as far as the overall look. Well, a cross between that and a Highlander.
Photo from Here
The yellow bike is the Trailster. The red ones in the back are Highlanders. No fairing yet. 

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