Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Scooter update

I got the pegs welded on the scooter and put the freshly rebuilt and cleaned fuel tank and carb back on. The carb still isn't working. If I pour gas in the carb, it will start so either I didn't get it clean enough or there's a problem with the pump. I'll have to pretty much repeat that entire process. I scored some carpet foam and reinforced the seat a bit. I'll need to either build another additional seat or make one long one to be able to afford a passenger. I've got plenty of padding for that either way.
I got real busy with other stuff and the wife hurt her leg and is on crutches. That means fun projects are on hold for a while. Kid's birthday and a wedding coming in the next few days so she's gonna have to just sit for now. The scooter and the wife. Oh, I did get the handlebars sandblasted on Mother's Day. It's not far away from running but I can't seem to get my free minutes all bunched up together.

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