Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doesn't Fjord Blue just sound nice?

It's tough to type and eat fried chicken simultaneously. Sort of like eating tacos and driving a stick shift. Anyhow, on with the post. I finally "fixed" the oil leaks on the Honda. The seals were only a few dollars and it only took about an hour to change. Why then, did it take two years to acomplish this task you ask? Shit, I dont know. I didn't have time to properly clean the bike after the seal change so I get a drop of goop under the scoot after it sits for awhile. A drop mind you, not a puddle. I think this is residual goop falling off the bottom of the bike. I'll clean it after I get paid and can buy some Foamy Engine Brite. I also replaced the front wheel with a more suitable round version. Of course I pinched the tube not once, but twice while changing the tire. Thanks again to Joe Dirt who rescued me from yet another moment of motorcycle ineptness. I rode the bike to work twice this week (it's raining today) and it just made it past the 400 mile mark. I set the trip meter to zero when I bought it, so the 400 mi. is what I put on it. The brakes are just starting to bed in nicely. I've been thinking about paint lately. Over the winter I would like to put a proper paint job on the old girl. I'm torn. I was thinking originally about some sort of post-apocalyptic Road Warrior meets Andy Warhol on a Radiohead jacket scheme. I like that idea but I dont think I could pull it off and I dont want someone else to try to inerpret my vision. I considered going back to the stock paint, brown or black with a sticker stripe and some new gold badges. That would help the value and blah blah blah.......expensive and boring. Restorations are for rich people. I'd shit that up in about a nanosecond anyhow. So now I'm leaning toward a more Teutonic paint scheme. But first, let's set the mood. It's post war Germany. A small beetle shaped car is climbing it's way through the Alps. The car is not flashy, not fast, just basic transport- not unlike the CB550K. The car is painted a subdued hue of blue or green. In this era, war torn Europe was in no position to be using flashy metallic paints even if they had existed. That was best left to American teenagers on the west coast. Are you starting to get it? The early Volkswagens that were shipped over here had neat colors. They were all sort of low-contrast. None of them were bright. Sort of like the colors on this page, actually.
This, my friends is how I'm thinking of painting the Honda. A color that says "I look respectable, I don't leak oil, I am just sporty enough to make a 25mph corner feel like a 50mph corner, and no sir, I don't want to race. That wouldnt be proper." Like a BMW but not complicated or snobby. Paint the badges a contrasting color and put on a tasteful pinstripe. Sort of a Gentelman's Express without the express part.

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