Saturday, December 03, 2005

Can't think of a snappy title

I've almost got walls in the garagemobile. We had to take the sheeting off to move the garage and all the insulation came out. Not a big deal when it's 70 outside. When I came in from the garage Sat. it was a balmy 30 in there. I had to strip down to 3 shirts, my Army jacket, hat and gloves. Actually, it wasn't that bad. Today it's 8 outside and about 18 inside. So even though there's no heat the insulation is working. All but 3 of the studs are insulated and there is still a little sheeting left to put up. I put 2" foam insulation under the floor before we poured it, the concrete guys thought I was nuts. Around here the concrete guys don't work (as much) in the winter so they don't get the concept of being in the garage during the winter. Those of us that live here in the Midwest, which is not the middle or the west, get used to the cold after about the first snow. Hell, I even dug out my hockey skates and sharpened them. Another day or so and I'll have the walls done and I can move the workbench and toolboxes to where I want them and maybe start working on some wheeled stuff. I started building the forks for my kustom bicycle so I'll have some pics of that soon.


Lucky said...

You poor bastard. Hanging sheet rock in the COLD. I believe you've just defined hell.

Surly said...

Well, luckily it's just thin OSB and not heavy ass sheet rock. But cold is cold. It was 0 when I left for work this morning.

Grumpyunk said...

Looking Good! By the time it warms up, you'll be ready for Winter. Just the way these things work in the real world.

It's coming along nicely. This project has been fun to watch.