Monday, March 27, 2006

Text messaging

While doing a little link hopping I found this little waste of time. It annoyed the shit out of me and I was going to rant on and on about how stupid text messaging is. That would be a huge waste of time however and frankly nothing I say is going to change the "wireless industry". All I really want to say when you're at work and decide to send someone a text message so your not busted talking on the phone turn the fucking sound off so the surly guy in the nearby cubicle trying to calculate shaft fits for a Timken tapered bearing won't go absolutlely koo-koo bananas. I would rather hear you talk to your boyfriend about your goddamned hardwood floors than that incessant beep-beeping of the keys because your "texting" instead of talking. Consider this a public service message. By the way texting is not a word.

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