Saturday, April 01, 2006

Holy crap I'm tired

I started the new job and having to actually work is a bit of a rude awakening. I did expect this, however. I'll try to post some of the progress I've made on things when I get a chance. I started working on the bully bike again now that the weather has turned for the better. Someone gave me another parts bike so I've got a new seat for it and there's really not much left to get it all together. If you're eleven feet tall and want a free Raleigh with no seat contact me. I need to mount a brake and get a few things adjusted and I can tear it apart and paint it. I'm going flat black with some red and white accents. No need to overthink things right? The link on the sidebar to Bike Rod and Kustom was to an old page so I corrected that for any of you who dig the custom bicycle stuff. I think alot if it is over the top but playing with bikes is fun and alot cheaper than motorcycles. Also, check out the Bicycle Forest there's some cool stuff in the homebuilders section. I also started stripping the tank on the Honda and I bought some paint so I have no choice but to finish that project. It will be black. The picture is of a cool two-speed Western Flyer I used to have for about a week. Rock on.

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WooleyBugger said...

Congratis on the new job. It sounds like mine with the early a.m. part that I'm getting used to. The commute is around forty five minutes but our place is much s-m-aller as Dean Martin used to say.