Sunday, April 09, 2006

Flyin' solo

My lovely wife, Mrs. Surly, took Potato man out of town for the weekend. I'm here all by myself to wallow in my own crapulence. Seriously though, my plan was to get the cam chain tensioner fixed in the Honda. As of right now I got it apart, and got stuck at the "install cam from right side with timing mark aligned as shown" part. This was about 11:00 last night so I just came in the house and finished watching Antonio Banderas on SNL. I love that guy but the show sucked..I digress. The fambly will be home soon so I've got to tidy up the house and a couple of quick honey do's so when they get home my being in the garagemobile will be justified. The wife took the digicam with her so I could not take a picture of the bike in pieces so I did an artists rendering of what the scene actually looked like. No wonder I never get anything done. I'll do a follow up on the procedure and the progress later.

1 comment:

red said...

oooh. i was stuck at the same point on my 450DOHC. there's a rough description on my blog about the battle against the cam timing.

good luck!