Sunday, April 01, 2007

More garage, less mobile

Along with spring springing comes home improving. We are officially trying to get the house ready to sell, as opposed to, just fixing up the house. I got busy this weekend and formed up the pad for the man-door and tomorrow it should get poured. It was threatening rain today and tomorrow should be stellar, weather-wise. It's a bit of improvement from the last instalment eh? We've got a line on another house and we've been talking nothing but house stuff around here with a few "I'd really like to get a new motorcycle" comments thrown in to plant the seed, so to speak. I've got some old Honda news but I'm waiting for a part to arrive and I'll blog on that later. As for the house stuff we have agreed we both like modern as well as retro-modern (if I may use that over used term). We are looking at ranches and even subscribed to Dwell. I really like Atomic-Ranch but way more bang for your modern buck with Dwell and why pigeon hole yourself when home shopping?

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