Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thomas Lang's pedals

In the last video TVI had a question about Thomas Lang's pedal setup. He's pretty light on drums but heavy on hardware. If you pause it at 1:53 or so you can see 5 pedals.
From left to right:
1) A regular single bass pedal kicking some kind of small snare. Can't identify the snare.
2)Left Hi-hat
3)Left side of a double bass pedal
4)Right side of the double bass pedal
5)Right hi-hat

As far as the pedals go, nothing unconventional. Except maybe for the right hi-hat. That one is mounted on the bass drum. Also, I can't quite tell but it might also be cable operated. These have been around for a while now.
Pic from DW Drums, click to link to DW page

Double pedals have been used for a long time. I have one similar to the one in the video that I bought in the late 90's. Much easier than carrying around a second bass drum.

Pic from DW Drums, click to link to DW page 

You can configure a pedal to pretty much whack anything that sits in front of it. I've seen cowbells on pedals, which could be useful. So that's what's going on on the floor in the video. You don't need all that crap to play well, they're just tools in the box. So if you have Thomas Lang's talent and are fully endorsed by Drum Workshop you might as well use em. By the way, like most drummers, Mr. Lang's current set up is a little different now. I'm feeling like a bit of a shill here but suffice to say, to anyone playing the drums with a little bit of cash to spend wanting something to step on, you've got options.  More Lang here. 

Now, if you want to hear some quality drumming with minimal pedals...go listen to Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. One bass drum, one Ludwig Speed King pedal, one fast right foot.

I shouldn't have to tell you to turn it up. 

If you're listening to the bass :24 sec you're head will explode. Enjoy.

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