Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two into something

Thinking pipes. I really just need to get my mind off work for a few minutes. I like the two into one look for the Sporty. I might have to have the Old Man help me whip something up when the time comes. It's certainly not a high priority at the moment. Here's a few ideas.

Lifted from the XL Forum
These are just a set of drag pipes that have been Siamesed er... uh...conjoined. According to the thread, the guy increased his HP from a basically stock motor by a fair amount. He actually posted dyno results! Pretty amazing as conventional wisdom would have you believe that unequal length pipes would be bad for performance. He added an increased dia. to slip on a muffler and got the best result with a straight  thru Supertrapp with many plates. Not that anyone cares. Oh, and they don't look too bad. Might go this route.

The stockers look like this-
1969 XLH
The addition of the crossover pipe was supposed to do something. I forget. Actually I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment. They look o.k. though. This is probably what my bike looked like coming from Milwaukee. 

These are kind of cool but as you can see, this is a Shovelhead and the front cyl. exhaust port is in a different spot. 

These are groovy but not what I'm looking for with my bike. 
Again, interesting. The Sporty chop in the background must have started life something like what I've got. I like the idea of those pipes but I think the aesthetic is not quite right. At least for me. 
Reality calls, gotta go.

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red said...

The sets of pipes on the bottom two bikes are sharp!