Monday, November 04, 2013

Looking for some cool garages

I'm taking the opportunity of having my garage torn apart I've got plenty of old ephemera and posters etc... that are stashed away. A lot of good it does me having them stashed away right? The one wall I have to work with was covered up by junk but now it's a clean slate. Do you have any examples of groovy bike garages that you'd like to share? Let's see em.

I dig the mural

Nice Yoshimura logo

I used to have some better examples but I had to purge the computer. I only have a two car garage and really only have about half of that to work with so I won't be painting a 4 x 8 foot Yoshi logo.


red said...

The Man Castle thread on ADVrider has some impressive work shops.

I'd show you my garage but I'm ashamed of it right now. Full of junk, 2 motorcycles (neither are mine) and there is zero room to work on anything.

Surly said...

The comment moderation email got kicked to spam. Sorry for the delay. I will check out the ADV thread. Thanks.